Can’t get to D.C.? Many options here

Steuben County residents who want to support the march in Washington D.C. have many options both in town and close by, in Fort Wayne.

In Angola, protesters can join the Women in Black peace group’s march at 10 AM, Saturday, January 21st on the Angola mound. Decisions are currently being made about whether to march or simply stand in front of the courthouse. Regardless, please show up and make your presence known. The Women in Black wear black, but you may wear whatever protest attire you think is appropriate.

At 1pm, those wishing to attend a rally and march in Fort Wayne sponsored by People for the Common Good,  can meet at 1pm  at Cahoots in Angola.

Though this may seem early for the 3pm march time, Lou Ann Homan says that parking is scarce, and there will be “music and mingling” prior to the march. That makes it worth getting there early!

Following the music and speeches at the rally’s start, there is a four block walk (or drive)  to the Allen County Courthouse and then a march to the Allen County library where various like-minded groups will share information about their causes and how you can support them. 

Angola attendees are invited back to Lou Ann’s house to talk and debrief about the day. Soup will be provided and potluck contributions are welcome, as is anyone who would like to come.

Whether you’re going or not, “like” People for the Common Good on Facebook and follow their feed. They’re a brand-new, great organization, with lots of good information.


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