CCC aids the youngest victims of abuse

In this article, Community Team member Robin Berger explains the impetus for the community team’s initiatives in general and this month’s collection drive in particular. 

CCC member’s contribution to this month’s drive.

The Community Coalition for Change was born out of frustration, sadness and concern for our community in the wake of the election season.

As we discussed all that had occurred the past year, we found no matter which side people were on it was a painful, alienated place to be. Much discussion in the early days was about how to heal our community, build communication and help others, no matter what political beliefs were held.  Many people felt the need to do something positive.

One CCC member’s contribution to this month’s collection drive.

To this end, the Community Coalition for Change was created. We’re a group of individuals who identify needs in our community, and then work to fill them.  Last month, we gathered various toiletry supplies and gave them to the local shelterr.

This month, we want to help children.

Specifically, we want to help children who are removed from their homes because of domestic violence, arrests, or other emergency situations. These children – and their mother – are often removed from their homes very quickly, often in the middle of the night. There is little time to pack a favorite stuffed animal or toy. They leave with only the bare essentials.

Hence this month’s toy drive. We’re asking people in the community to donate new or lightly used stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons, markers and other toys, as well as a nice bag to put them in.  We will donate these comfort bags to the agencies who are called on to take in these children and their mothers.

If you’re interested in this, we’d love your help! We CAN come together as a community for those in need, in spite of political differences!


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