Children of Turning Point Shelter helped through CCC drive

A month ago, the Community & Diversity committee of CCC asked for new or lightly used stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons, markers and other toys to give to area children in need. And wow did you deliver!

CCC member Bruce Andres dropping off bags at Turning Point.

Gift bag after gift bag containing multiple toys, drawing supplies, blankets or stuffed animals were donated by those who attended the March CCC meeting. A local artist who attended donated coloring books he created, along with crayons and markers for children.

Volunteers stayed after the meeting to sort gift bags into age groups, from toddler to school-age. In all, 51 bags were assembled.

These gifts were donated to Turning Point, who said they served 50 children last year. CCC Communication Team member, Bruce Andres, who delivered the bags, reported that Turning Point staff thought the sizable donation should be enough for all children served by the shelter in the next year.

In a Facebook Post, Turning Point wrote:

THANK YOU!!! Community Coalition for Change, Angola for the generous multitude of comfort bags for our incoming children. What a blessing it will be for our littlest residents. Blessing to all those who made this possible. You are truly an amazing group!!

Remember, positive change at a national level begins with positive change at a local level. As political divisions continue to do harm, there is work to be done together to make our community, and this nation, a better place.

Stay tuned for information on next month’s community drive, and huge thanks to those who donated this month!

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